Mantra of the month

Why is mantra so important? Because the mind is a crazy beast! (:D It’s true!)

Really… yah, actually. really.

…Mantras are vehicles of transformation and as such you can really use them to focus and calm your mind, your busy brain, that wonderful, useful, madness making animal thing in your head!


Mantras also give you something to contemplate. So, when you learn a mantra you’re thinking about the meaning of the words, the tone or feeling in the mantra, and the way the meaning relates to your life. Because you’re thinking about and focusing on the mantra, you’re not doing other things.. like worrying, stressing, obsessing, criticizing, judging.. etc.. Instead you are absorbing yourself in the deeper layers of creating: in your brain, in your body, in your energy field, in your relationships.. basically in your whole life. You’re letting the mantra sink into your skin and your habits, and letting it draw you into new ways of opening yourself, of seeing yourself. This means you’re experiencing new possibilities because you’re engaging in new and different neural connections. Aaahhh.. now this is good! With new neural connections you see the world around you differently, instead of just your same pattern of seeing and experiencing. The subconscious aspect of the brain is a super fast processor, so we need avenues of re-birthing the brain that are connected to our everyday lives and mantra is absolutely one of the most powerful tools for such enlivening. :)

So, this month, (late September and into October…), let’s begin with the classic and treasured mantra of


This mantra is a joy of ambiguity. :) (big breath..)’s ok! There’s enough meaning to somewhat grasp and then be absorbed with even as the vastness of the true meaning can take many years, or even lifetimes (if that’s in your belief system) to unfold and unveil.


OM (aum or ohm).. is the sound of the universe, the vibration of all that is past, all that is here now, and all that is coming, in all realms.. it is the coexistent vibrations of creative force, preservative force, and destructive force… thus, to our everyday minds, unfathomable. However, you can still open yourself to the attempt of fathoming, and in this opening you create a vibrant emptiness. An emptiness that releases whatever you hold onto, whatever understanding you have, and makes space for what you have yet to discover…

MANI... is the jewel.. the jewel of your inner most readiness and movement toward great Love, great compassion. Mani patiently burnishes the inner self as this mantra grows in you each day with the living of your life.

PADME… is the living lotus.. the wisdom that comes to you from steadfastness, dedication and concentration. The lotus is rooted in the mud and muck. Deriving nourishment from the rich resources of the darkness, she rises serenely toward light, generously blooms on the waters and rests there, at ease, even through storm. Her connection to the darkness and the mire makes her graceful beauty in the open air a vibrant reality. This integration quality is the peaceful growth of wisdom.

HUM… is the enlightening state… indivisible wisdom warms the heart into the joy of being truly alive.


These ideas, these energies, join.

Explained here with words, yet inexplicable. Wonderfully out of the reach of logical mind, this mantra harmonizes and heals.


How to add this mantra to your life? You may simply like to try speaking it out loud for a couple of minutes in the morning each day. Then bring your speaking inward and silently repeat this mantra as you shower, as you brush your teeth, as you drive. If you like, take one minute each hour of the day to focus specifically on the mantra. A good minute to breathe and feel your body and find some inner rest.

It’s helpful, when dedicating yourself to a mantra for a time, to write it down and put it in key areas (sticky notes will do :) .. such as your bathroom mirror, your car dashboard, your computer screen, your desk, your kitchen sink.

We need friendly reminders. It is the way of the mind to need reminders.


I wish you a wonderful time with this. A time of having your own revelations, and of receiving the gifts of mantra in your life.

with love