Seas of Sadhana

Welcome to my yoga blog!


Yoga is a culture of its own in many ways. Yet it’s a culture that can merge with and enhance the diversity of your family, community, and national cultures.  It’s easier to celebrate your life, loved ones, and all of creation, when you’re in the glowing health of centered well-being.


The living practice of yoga thrives in a – creative, devoted, ‘meeting you in the infinite variety of moments – practice (in the language of Sanskrit this devoted practice is called ‘sadhana’.)  Yoga is like the great seas of the world; oceanic depths of mystery and exploration. There’s a vastness of variance that draws us into a state of inclusiveness.


…Your struggles, your expanse of emotion, your mental questions and confusions, your physical

challenges, and even your energetic entanglements. Yoga celebrates your sense of freedom on all planes of existence, your growing capacity to love, your process toward clarity, and your strength of health and movement.


The idea is to show up for your practice as often as you can exactly as you are.

When you have a steady practice you begin to see results. (We all like that.  :)   Though attaching to results is not the focus… rather having faith in your persistent practice and your heightening awareness for what you need and how you feel is what brings you through the undulating times of constant change that is life itself. You’re cultivating your subtle sensitivity in and of the present moment. And as you travel through your life yoga helps you to find the inner stillness that abides, the centeredness that nourishes, the serenity that brings enduring peace and happiness to you and those around you.


Because yoga is a physical practice built around breath awareness and breath mastery, it’s available to anyone who is alive.. if you’re alive, you’re breathing :) Yoga postures and techniques are adaptable to any body for wonderful benefit. Even when we are sick and utterly depleted, yoga has practices and channels of intention that help.

It’s essential to bless your body with conscious companionship and appreciation.

When you light yourself up with an internal body environment of love and thanks-giving, you melt the inner obstructions and constrictions that bring dis-ease; you reveal your patterns of negativity and essence depletion. You free your biology to express the best of your genes. And your relationships with people, animals, earth and Grace prospers with deeply satisfying connection.


It’s really worth it to explore the expanse of what yoga has to offer…to ride the tides, dive into the depths, embrace the diversity of life and perspective, wonder at the mysteries and learn the breaths that touch the heart of you. When you explore who you are and what surrounds you in the waters of life, it’s freeing, healing and fun. So I encourage you to embrace the great pulse of your life, one breath at a time, in the seas of sadhana!

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