? Why practice yoga ?


by Jennifer Dhyana Nucci

Yoga is your body enlightened!

In the beauty of your body, yoga becomes the song of your breath

singing your every cell.



To practice yoga is to give and receive your breath throughout your body, in movement and in stillness,

with life-giving-intention.  Yogic wellness is radiant health and exquisite balance in your body-mind.  Tapping into a natural guiding wisdom within, you learn how to create a relaxed, readiness in all kinds of moments.

Practiced regularly yoga stimulates and calms your nervous system, strengthens and lengthens muscles, massages organs, rests a busy mind, sharpens intelligence and reflexes, relieves stress, illuminates and breaks harmful habits, burns fat, tones body structure, reveals self, and aligns all aspects of living.


The practice of breath, pranayama, and movement, asana, is an incredibly strong foundation for bodily health.  As you attend to each moment in a physical practice, centered on breath and detail, your body intuition and intelligence awaken.  This is the evolution of meditation in motion – an ancient, essential skill for our modern lives.


When you teach your mind

to entrust itself,

Undisturbed, unstrained,

to a singular focus,

you find a master key

to the door of Presence.


When you teach your mind to confidently surrender to the reliability of what yogis call a no-mind state, you create an altogether different dance in your life.  Resting in the emptiness of no-mind seems counter-intuitive to practical daily functioning, yet when you become free from the stresses of the everyday busy brain, you then become energized for your responsibilities and relationships as they’re happening.  ‘No-mind’ is pure presence, awareness alive to what’s happening in the flowing experience of ‘now.’  ‘Now’ is where you are and what you’re doing, the actual location of your body and the experience of your senses.  It’s a clarity of mind experience that is a multi-layered trust in your minds ability to connect the dots of what’s needed and what’s not as life itself unfolds.  Pure presence in the ‘now’ takes care of the future.  It’s not that you don’t plan, it’s that your plans easily respond to the multidimensional reality.  A reality of who you really are and what’s really going on as life goes up and down and in and out, and as you’re aware of much, and unaware of much more.  In this, you learn to ‘sense’ your life in different ways and move beyond the confines of what is apparent, and into what may be subtle or unknown – a great sea of wonderful possibilities.

By relaxing into what you’re experiencing now

you open yourself and your life into a vast potential.

The incredible intelligence of your intuition, which ultimately is more informed, with a faster synoptic response than your every-day logical brain, draws life into a smooth sense of being ‘in the zone’.. in flow with the heart of life.  Though intuitive brain states are fast, it can take longer to bring them to working consciousness if you are not accustomed to the kind of inner listening that speaks your own intuition to you.  This is a skill and habit of listening to your inner voice, trusting yourself, and allowing yourself to be internally quiet.

In this way, you are opening a clear channel of intelligence, efficiency, and strength of purpose within,

for practical and soul living.

Yoga initiates a transformation of heart, body,

mind, and perception,

during any level of practice, from the gentlest to the most intense.

This is why true yoga is available to everyone

and is a generative practice for the very young to the very old.

In our practice we are learning…


The relevance of breath

Immersion into the details of the present moment

Expansion of body/mind

ALL in relationship

to the heart.

to effortless effort,

to life-giving deep relaxation,

in union with what we can call …cellular light.

Cellular light is – every cell of you awake to its union with the whole of you.  Every cell doing its work strongly and wisely, in cooperation with the trillions of cells that create and re-create your body all the time.  Try to feel this, imagine this happening in you right now.


Yoga grows when it is practiced with dedication and regularity.  With dedication your yoga practice travels outward from your yoga mat and begins to infuse and inspire your daily living.  Any moment can become a moment of yoga, of communion with life.

One breath.  Each breath.

As your yoga grows, your prana, (life-force), is emancipated and revitalized to work with life.  Your open, clear gaze of real choices engages you with full presence in the flowing ‘now,’ and in creative envisioning toward your future.  This is a very practical aspect of yoga… yoga that supports living your life, feeling your life, and celebrating your life.

So why practice yoga?  ..for wellness..  self discovery..  joy .. peace ..  for a big, open, wise, heart ..  to be smarter .. gentler .. kinder ..  to grow stronger .. find balance.. have more fun ..  to hug strongly ..  cry freely..  release .. relax .. unveil .. and greet over and over again a most sacred, subtle, love dance that is nearer than breath and wanting to come out and play.

 shanti OM